Stan Wars

Stan Dictionary

alberm- colloquialism  for album

Send me the Mediafire link to that new Chris Brown alberm.”

ch…. – an expression used to convey disapproval or disbelief, usually at something profoundly stupid.

John: “I really think Katy Perry is a legend.”
Jack: “Ch….”

clock tea – to censure; to expose a hidden fact, typically causing a person to become embarrassed.

“She said that was her real nose, but these high school yearbook photos clocked her tea.”

cute – (adj.) nothing special, but somewhat entertaining;

” The song is cute, but it won’t be a major hit “

deal – to accept or come to terms with
“Ciara will have the highest-selling album of 2012 and you will deal.”

deepReal World Definition: pretentious

Stan Wars Definition :pretentious, low-selling, not radio-friendly and usually full of ballads.
EXAMPLE: “Rated R is Rihanna’s deepest album”

doing the most (see: pressed)

dragged – To go above and beyond in defeating their opponents during competition or argument. An extreme version of a read.

to feel ones beat/pussy -To feel important; to feel empowered; to behave in a arrogant manner

“Ever since he became assistant manager at Marshall’s he has been feeling his pussy.”

flop – (noun) – a project that fails to generate enough money to make a profit or fails to meet expecations
(verb) – to fail at something

gather – to reprimand or correct someone, often in a chastising way

“I love Aaliyah, but I had to gather some of her hypothetical-ass stans on Twitter.”

get your life- (or to get ones life) – become affected intensely; to feel excited, overjoyed or inspired

John: “Lana Del Rey’s album put me to sleep, but her new video is giving me life.

have several seats – shut up; to stop talking or engaging in your current activity in order to avoid further embarrassment or conflict.

John: “Britney Spears has more Grammys than Lady Gaga.”
Jack: “Have several seats.”

iconicReal World Definition: a person or work that represents a particular genre, era or cultural movement. “Michael Jackson’s glove is iconic. Madonna’s “Vogue” video is iconic. Britney Spears’ schoolgirl outfit in “Baby…One More Time” is iconic”.

Stan Wars Definition: any random thing by any random person. “Ke$ha’s socks are iconic. Selena Gomez’s lipgloss is iconic. Rihanna’s cold sores are iconic….”

legendReal World Definition: a person whose work and career transcends time and genre; a person who consitently produces highly-regarded work over an extended period of time and remains relevant and influential regardless of their current record sales. (SEE: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston or Prince).

Stan Wars Definition: anything with a vagina and a Soundcloud account.

ki – a humorous moment; laugher at a humorous moment whether intentional or not; a homosexual’s giggle

Nicki Stan: Ki @ Rihanna’s first week sales.
Rihanna Stan: Ki @ Nicki’s first year sales.

not too much on… to ask someone to be considerate or restrained when evaulating or critquing a particular artist or work.

Gaga Stan: I think Lana Del Rey is vastly overrated.
Lana Del Rey Bandwagon Stan: Not too much on Lanallah

Paris is Burning – 70 minute film that will put all of this into perspective.

pay dust – to refuse to take notice of or acknowledge.

“The album charts continue to pay her dust.”

pop culture connoisseur – I still don’t know what the fuck this means. I guess it’s a pretentious way of saying I tweet, watch reality TV and run a blog with no comments.

pressed – (adj.) to spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy to prove a point or accomplish something which is usually not worth the time and effort spent; to be determined to make a point or push an agenda, usually over and over again as if people didn’t hear you the first damn time.

read - to chastise with the intent to humiliate

” Did you see that video with Justin Bieber at the airport? She read her stans DOWNE!”

receipts – proof or facts

John: “She has sold 100 million record worldwide.”
Jack: “You queens say everybody has sold 100 million records. Do you have any REAL receipts?.”

shade -to disrespect someone by stating a fact and allowing the shame of the fact to insult and embarrass them. (often confused with outright disrespect)

Those Madonna stans have nothing nice to say about Gaga, they’re always throwing shade.”

shit – to excel, dominate or be superior over something.

” Paris Hilton’s album shits on everything released in 2011.”

sis- Real World Definition: a term of endearment for a female associate – “I’m going to the movies with my good sis Kimberly.”
Stan Wars Definition: a husky, burly, ashy, hairy male homosexual – “I’m going to the Pink Friday Tour with my good sis DeAndre”

slay – to excel, overpower or dominate.

to snatch ones wigto overpower, defeat or humilate

tried it: to attempt to challenge someone or question their authority or credentials

John: “Those Beyonce stans tried it today. They said Rihanna has failed to get a #1 album six time in a row.

troll - a person who makes comments with the intent of provoking negative replies; someone who was not hugged as a child.

use – to like, support, patronize or condone
EXAMPLE: “Teenage Dream is almost a flawless album. “Pearl” is the only song that I don’t use.”

yaaas – an exclaimation used to signify excitedment (the more a’s used, the more enthusiastic you are)
EXAMPLE: Ashanti is performing at Potbelly’s? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!