Stan Wars

English-to-Stan Dictionary


Stan Language is a combination of gay slang, Ebonics, smilies, internet abbreviations and just general, poor education.

Below is a list of phrases commonly used in stan wars.


Stan Language

My favorite artist is superior to the overwhelming majority of her peers and that is a fact that people will have to cope with. My fave slays the rest of the girls and you will deal!
That was not my intention, that is not my reason for being here, and I do not wish to explore this topic any further. I am not here for that.
You have been severely chastised and humiliated. You got dragged.
Judging from your comments and/or tone I sense a slight amount of anger and resentment. You mad?
It is my firm belief that my favorite artist is about to achieve an astounding level of success and acclaim. SHE’S ABOUT TO SLAAAAAAAAAAAY!
I don’t predict any success or attention being lavished upon your favorite artist. I don’t see it for her.
It would behoove you to conduct yourself in a manner that does not incite acrimony, animosity, or put you at risk of being embarrassed. Keep it cute.
I am not a big fan of her or her work. I don’t use her.
I’m a ________ fan, but I hate that bitch
I’m not a _______ fan, but I would punch my grandma in the chest for tickets to her concert.
I was wrong, I apologize, I appreciate you correcting me, and I appreciate your difference of opinion. You will never hear a stan say this.