Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj


The Stan Version of The Truth

Artist Bio

Nicki Minaj is global pop icon who was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1982 and/or 1984.

Nicki’s Impact/Achievements

Nicki Minaj is a living legend and you Lil’ Krim stains better recharge your Boost Mobile phones, because I’m able to tell you why.

Nicki is not just a rap icon; she’s a worldwide pop cultural icon. No female rapper --- not Foxy, not Lauryn, not Kim, nor Drake --- has been able to headline sold out arenas overseas. As a further testament to her status as a pop-icon, she was referenced on Saturday Night Live and featured in the Ice Age movie and you Krim stans can remain pressed, stressed and depressed over the fact that iTunes doesn’t accept food stamps.

Talent & Musical Style

Nicki is a massively talented artist. Not only is she an amazingly talented rapper and lyricist she is also a very talented singer, actress, model, video director, record producer, fashion designer and philanthropist. She’s pretty much the Queen of Pop and the most talented and relevant Black female entertainer of the past 50 years.

Nicki Minaj

The Hater Version of the Truth

Artist Bio

Nicki Minaj is an assortment of chicken parts who is currently signed to Young Money Entertainment.

She was created as a part of a secret plot by the KKK, CIA and BET to promote negative stereotypes of Blacks, females, rappers and Black female rappers.

No one knows exactly when she was born, but, according to several historians, there is audio of her rapping during the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955.

Nicki’s Impact/Achievements

Let’s get into the impact against her forehead when Safarree knocked her out of the game with that Louis Vuitton carry-on suitcase she bought at Marshall's.

Talent & Musical Style

Any talent that she may or may not have had as a rapper has been overshadowed by her insistence on looking and sounding a hot, bleached, retarded, Muppet-ass fool during 99.2% of her performances and videos.

Resources For New Nicki Stans

The Advantages of Stanning For Nicki


The Disadvantages of Stanning For NIcki

No matter how you feel about Onikasaurus Rex, you must admit that she has challenged the way that female rappers are perceived and marketed worldwide; and when you bring about this type of change it will cause polarizing opinions:

- There are stans who who fell in love with “Pop Nicki” (the people who wanted the cool points associated with stanning for a rapper without actually having to listen to rap music).

- There are stans who want more of the “The Original Nicki” (the people who know that there's a gifted rapper and lyricist underneath the costumes and dramatics.)

- And there are people who just think she’s just an untalented mass of foolishness, coonery, buffoonery, silicone and ground pork.

Regardless of all that, to be a Nicki Minaj stan, you must have thick skin and superb shade-throwing skills.

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