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Mariah Carey
Stan Nicknames: Messiah Carey, Godriah, Queen Mariah, Mimi
Hater Nicknames: Mooriah, Manriah, ect.

Mariah Carey is a legendary singer, songwriter, actress, hand flailer, and shade thrower. She has more #1 singles than any solo artist in history, and, according to StanScan, she has sold more than 982 bagillion records around the world. She remains one of the world's biggest selling (and longest enduring) pop stars.

She has also won 5 Grammys (which works out to about one Grammy every 4 years.)


Mariah Stan War Strengths

  • 18 #1 Singles
  • Fiftyleven Million Albums sold around the world
  • Her 1990-1998 Vocal Range
  • Versatility (pop, R&B, hip-hop, gospel, etc)
  • Longevity
  • Superb Shade Throwing Skills (if they gave out Grammys for throwing shade she'd be making the Beyonce stans angry right about now)

Mariah Stan War Weaknesses

  • Obvious vocal decline (and it's not like she has dancing to fall back on)
  • As a touring live performer she never been as commercially or critically successful as Celine, Madonna, Whitney, Beyonce, ect.
  • Has received mixed critical reception throughout her career.
  • (If you must take it to an immature level) About a decade of pre-baby baby weight
  • The idea that she's a 40 year old 14 year-old. All of the Rainbows, Daydreams, the Butterflies, Charmbracelets, and Sparkles support the notion that she is a walking Lisa Frank catalog.
  • The Glitter era

Stan War Arguments

Mariah Stans vs. Simple Mathematics

Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Madonna, and Whitney Houston have all been listed (by different sources) as the "biggest selling female artist of all time". This is has been the subject of hours of internet stan debate and skull draggings. There is a bit of controversy as to which female artist is actually the biggest selling, and what information is used to determine which artist is the "biggest selling".

There was once a time when album sales determined this number. But as fewer albums are sold each year, people have started adding singles into the equation. Of course, some stans started adding concert ticket sales (which knocks Mariah out of the competition). Now stans use albums, singles, tickets, ringtones, videos, YouTube views, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and other such foolishness.

Because neither Mariah, Whitney, Celine, nor, Madonna have sent me a percentage of the royalty checks from these sales, I am currently unable to give a damn either way.

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