Keri Hilson

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Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is a Soul Train Music Award-winning singer and songwriter best known for creating album filler for artists such as Usher and Britney Spears and selling dozens of albums around Decatur with her own solo albums.

Artist Bio

Hilson was born on December 5, 1982, [birth certificate needed] in Decatur, Georgia. As a child she studied piano and vocals[receipt needed] and after college she began working professionally as a songwriter and producer. She was signed to a deal as a solo artist. Her debut album "In A Perfect World", originally scheduled for a April 1985 release, was pushed back into oblivion before finally being released in 2009. However, the album was overshadowed by Sasha Fierce's wig and Keri's nasty ass attitude.

Career Highlights

  • Both of her albums have sold nearly one million copies worldwide.
  • Winner of 1 Soul Train Music Award
  • Winner of 1 BET Award
  • Winner of 1 NAACP Image Award
  • Winner of 2 Grammy Cakes
  • 1 #1 single on the R&B charts
  • 3 Top 10 singles on the R&B charts
  • Several High-Charting videos on 106 and Park
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