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Jennifer Lopez


Artist Bio

Jennifer Lopez in an American reality TV personality.

She got her start as dancer, most notably shaking her poak chops and twerking her ham hocks as a Fly Girl on the sketch comedy show "In Living Color". That gig lead to her auditioning for Janet Jackson and appearing in her video for "That's The Way Love Goes". She declined an offer to tour with Janet in favor of taking a supporting role in the short-lived FOX dramedy "South Central". The show didn't make it to a 2nd season, but Hollywood was beginning to take notice of her talent. Her breakthrough role was as slain Tejano pop star Selena in the movie of the same name. For her performance, Jennifer won critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination.

After solidifying herself as an A-list movie star, Jennifer received her Master's degree from the Madonna-Janet Jackson School of Non-Singing Singers. From 1999-2002 she released 3 successful albums, the sales of which were propelled by catchy singles and intricate dance performances.

By 2005, too much attention was being paid to the parade of Hollywood penises that marched though her vagina and not enough attention was being given to her Britney Spears-rejected music. A combination of Beyonceitis and media overexposure lead to a sharp decline in her music's commercial success.

In 2009, she attempted a musical comeback with the single "Flip-Flops" but public interest and gravity were not in her favor. After getting her walking papers from Sony Music in 2010, she became a judge on American Idol.

She continues to enjoy moderate success in movies, and has found stability in her personal life by marrying and procreating with Marc Anthony.

Career Inspirations

  • Paula Abdul
  • Charo

Career Highlights

  • She had a successful 3-year musical career.
  • She has enjoyed a successful 10-years+ movie career.
  • She was the first entertainer in history to have a #1 album and #1 movie the same week.
  • World Music Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.
  • Skilled dancer
  • Decent actress
  • She was the first entertainer in history to have a #1 album and #1 movie the same week. (you will be reminded of this several times)
  • Fashion Icon
  • She's still B+ List so she can still get award show bookings.

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