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Ciara is a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, and, fashion model. She is renowned for her high energy music videos and parking lot dance performances. Her signature brand of Rihanna-rejected R&B dance/pop songs have been burning up the middle of the R&B charts for over 5 years.


Ciara's Appeal

Ciara's basic status and her simple performances appeal to the inner-school high school cheerleader that lives within all of us. She is loved by both of her stans for her down-to-earth persona and street-wise choreography. Basic bitches love her because she does not over complicate her live shows with unnecessary elements like on-key singing, live musicians, or big budgets.

Artist Background

Ciara was born Cedric Marcellus Harris in 1985 in Dallas, TX. His family moved to Atlanta and he became a very popular performer on Atlanta's drag queen circuit, performing under the name "Princess Ciara". In 2002, Usher spotted Ciara performing during Atlanta Gay Pride and brought him to the attention of LaFace record executives who quickly signed him to a recording deal. Cedric shortened his stage name to "Ciara" and quickly began recording an album entitled "Goodies" which posted 2 hit singles and went multi-platinum.

As Ciara prepared to release his sophomore effort, BET released a list of the 25 Greatest Dancers of all time. The list featured such dance legends as Josephine Baker, The Nicholas Brothers, James Brown, and Michael Jackson. Ciara came in #25. It was an impressive ranking considering he had been famous for all of 2 years, but Ciara nor his stans were pleased. Ciara aired his grievances during his set at the 2007 BET Awards wearing a shirt which said "25?". This was not the best idea. See, when you are a basic bitch you do not anger BET because that's your bread and butter. If Stephen Hill wants you to eat his toe jam, then you get some Ritz crackers and go to town. But this logic was lost on Ciara. Apparently because of the success of "Goodies" Ciara's nipples had gotten perky and he had started feeling his bussy.

As Ciara prepared to release his 3rd album, a series of unfortunate events (single choices, single flops, Single Ladies) slowed down any momentum that had built up. This coupled with Ciara's desperation culminated with the release of the stillborn fetus of an album "Fantasy Ride" and this lead to “The Fantasy Ride Massacre

Career Inspirations

  • A Sam's Choice version of Janet Jackson
  • Usher

Career Highlights

  • 4-Time Soul Train Music Award winner
  • One #1 Album on the Billboard 200 Charts
  • One #1 on the Hot 100
  • Three #1 Singles on the R&B Charts
  • One Grammy
  • Opening tours for Jay-Z, T.I., Gwen Stefani, and Rihanna
  • First female to win Employee of the Month at both Target and Best Buy within one Year

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How To Piss Off a Ciara Stan



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