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==Performance Style==
==Performance Style==
She gives you cute vocals. Nothing less, nothing more.
Brandy is a very... ''unique'' vocalist.
==Career Highlights==
==Career Highlights==

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Artist Bio

Brandy is an American singer, actress, reality TV star, bathroom performer, and, most importantly, Ray-J's sister.

According to Stanscan, Brandy has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

As an actress, Brandy has appeared in 2 TV movies, and one feature film (the sequel to I Know What You Did the Friday After Next (or whatever the fuck it was).

She was also the star and producer of the groundbreaking sitcom "Moesha", which remains an unparalleled achievement in television writing and acting. And so, Brandy remains one of the few entertainers in history to have simultaneous success (such as it was) in movies, television, and, music.

A changing musical climate and several personal crises briefly curtailed her career. She continued to release music, and although none of them lived up to the sales of her first 2 albums, she has not totally disappeared. Her album "Afrodisiac" achieved critical and industry acclaim and is constantly name-dropped by the pretentious underground queens during stan war arguments.

Her music has been cited as an influence by such artists as Rihanna and Jazmine Sullivan.

UStream, Twitter, and reality TV have allowed her to revive her career and create new opportunities for herself. In 2010, Brandy joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars where she made it all the way to Week 9. Although she was one of the more popular contestants, there was some controversy surrounding her inclusion in the show. Some critics argued that because she had been famous in the music industry for 4.5 years, she had an unfair advantage over the other contestants when it came to learning choreography. Other critics argued that she should not have been a contestant because she had already won a reality show.

Performance Style

Brandy is a very... unique vocalist.

Career Highlights

  • A 5-time Soul Train Lady of Soul Award winner including one for Entertainer of the Year
  • A one-time Grammy Award winner for her duet with Monica
  • A 5-year long span of successful music releases.
  • An undetermined amount of records sold around the world.
  • Starring roles in 2 TV movies (including one of the most highly rated in ABC history.)
  • Supporting role in a successful feature film
  • One of the few entertainers in history who have had simultaneous success in film, music, and, television.

Career Mentor

  • A younger, local, more basic Whitney Houston

How To Talk Like a Brandy Stan

Brandy is a very uinque vocalist. No female in the industry is as unique as Brandy. Her uniqueness is unsurpassed. She has a very unique vocal tone. Her vocal style is very unique, her vocal texture is very unique, her vocal runs are unique. The lead vocals are on her tracks are unique, the background vocals are unique. Her vocal texture is unique. Her vocal range is unique.

Brandy is a very unique vocalist...I guess... would be the main bullet point of this presentation.

How To Piss Off a Brandy Stan





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