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Beyonce World

BeyonceWorld is formerly a message board which was dedicated to Beyonce and her fans.

It is currently a Black gay social network and a promotional tool for flopping artists.


2005-2007 - The Golden Years

From 2005 to 2007, BeyonceWorld was the premier Beyonce fan portal. The board achieved such a high level of popularity, it was #3 in the millions of pages listed when you Googled Beyonce's name. (just under Beyonce's official site and her Wikipedia page). Although not everyone was there for Beyonce, and people did throw shade, there was a strong enough contingent of stans to keep them in their place, even if they weren't banned.

2009-2010: The Decline of BeyonceWorld

During the Sasha Fierce era, Beyonce cemented her status as a worldwide entertainment icon. This lead to even more resentment among fans of flops. They were tired of her ascending to megastardom as their favorites faded into reality television. As Beyonce's star rose even higher, her most popular message board was going to shit. As she was becoming more popular so was her message board, and not for the better.

The New Geighs: The Next Generation of Tang

Despite the fact that Beyonce is a gay icon and a big-dicked drag queen herself, in the early days of BeyonceWorld, open homosexuality was taboo. Even though the board was heavily populated with gay male members, they still heavily denied their homosessulaity. Dudes had their asses tooted up in their signatures, lip gloss poppin' in their avatars, talmbout they were straight with girlfriends, babies, and other such foolishness. During the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” era, a new generation of queens made their way to Beyonceworld and liberated the older, introverted, and closeted gays. The new queens and the old queens combined and they have made being gay on the internet an absolute travesty spectacle.

When you have people who spend 14 hours a day calling each other "sis" you expect them to look like this:


Then you go to their Twitter pages and see that they look like this:


Something in the water does not compute.

From grown-ass, burly-ass, rusty-ass men calling each other "g3rl", to the overuse (and misuse) of the word "tea", every 10-page thread (regardless of subject) turned into a butch queen vogue battle. While the mass homosexualization of BeyonceWorld speaks volumes of the contributions that gays have made to stan wars, there were actual Beyonce fans who wanted to discuss Beyonce without needing a translator. They felt a bit confused and out of place with all of the glitter, snapping, hissing, spraying, and undercover Rihanna stanning that was slowly, but surely, taking over the board.

Smarter Trolls

Because Beyonce has achieved immense cultural and commercial relevance, fans of flop bitches have been pressed since 2003. Usually when a troll wanted to vent his frustration he would register, say something like "Beyonce's pussy smells like pickle juice" and would be promptly banned. Over time the trolls got smarter. They learned exactly what to say to irritate Beyonce stans and exactly what not to say to get banned. Their purpose was to annoy Beyonce stans and promote their future Unsung candidates, and, ruin the Beyonce stan experience.

At any other message board anyone who repeatedly antagonizes the members of a board is warned and then banned. This newer, smarter breed of trolls were free to roam about unpunished because, according to the powers that be, members are allowed to have other musical tastes and a difference of opinion.

Several of the remaining ACTUAL Beyonce stans argued that if they wanted other stan opinions they would go to YouTube, a blog, or, other stan message boards. Stans shouldn't have to be on drag-mode on their own damn message boards, and the actual Beyonce stans who didn't leave were made to feel as though they were wrong for stanning for Beyonce on a Beyonce message board.

In the rare instances when the Webmaster would stop fingering his bussy on RihannaDaily long enough to ban a troll they would kick, scream, cry, and beg to get back in to NOT discuss Beyonce and they would usually be cosigned by one of the New Geighs. They would be, of course, let back in while actual Beyonce fans were unable to get their membership approved. As further testament to the troll desperation, during one of the board's many blackouts, they would wait hours or days for the board to be up and running so they could log in and NOT talk about Beyonce.

So, as the Sasha Fierce era came to an end, actual (product-buying) Beyonce fans began leaving BeyonceWorld in droves. The board was overtaken by one group looking to promote flops and one group looking to turn BeyonceWorld into DGSource Part II.

New Rules of BW (2010-present)

From a legal standpoint, any unauthorized celebrity message board can be shut down (SEE: Prince). Any use of a person's image without their consent can be argued as infringement. In order to enjoy the popularity of using Beyonce's name (and to not get shut down by Beyonce's lawyers) the board has several new rules:

1. It is okay to register with the purpose of promoting a flop artist as long as you go through the motions of pretending to stan for Beyonce. This includes:

a. Members must pick a hilariously obvious username like "BeyonceIstheNumberQueenofEverything" (while you have Britney Spears in your avatar)

b. You must fulfill your weekly required visits to the Main Beyonce section. This is merely for tracking purposes because one of the 3 remaining Beyonce stans will let you know that you never leave the Other Artists section. So at least once a week you must post in a topic in the Main Beyonce section. (A simple "T4P" will suffice.)

c. Pretend to hate Rihanna (as you bump 'Loud' in your headphones.)


On July 28, 2011, BeyonceWorld died.

A new state-of-the art board was created, with enhanced social networking capabilities, a modern design, and moderators who liked Beyonce slightly more than the moderator of BeyonceWorld.


In late October of 2011, the new board died.

Lessons Learned

Creating a new Beyonce message board is like taking a group of crackheads and moving them into a mansion. Yes, you are in a mansion, but you are still crackheads; so no matter where you end up it will turn into a crack-house.

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