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I figured if I chose a nice picture it would balance out the shade.

Ashanti was patient zero for Beyonceitis.

Artist Background

From mid-spring 2002 to mid-summer of 2002, Ashanti was the Princess of Hip-Hop/Soul. This poses 2 questions:

1. How old is just too damn old to be the "Princess" of something?

2. How did she get that title?

The answer is complicated and a bit sad.

The year was 2002.

Aaliyah had died, Left Eye had died, Mary was happy, Whitney was a spokesperson for D.A.R.E.. All of Destiny's Child had gone solo, the Fat Boys had broken up, and there was nothing left to believe in. We were sad, confused, our spirits were broken, and we took Ashanti because she had just enough of a look, just enough of a voice, the songs were good and, honestly, we didn't think we could do any better.

She sold over 3 million albums and was the first female artist in history to have 3 songs in the Top 10 of the Hot 100. She won a Grammy, several other awards, and most importantly they let her perform on the main stage of the VMAs, not in a parking lot [shade].

Life was good for Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, but then tragedy struck.


On June 24, 2003, this happened.


Ashanti Stans

Although most of her stan army have officially disbanded, they still have hope that one day every relevant artist will die, kill somebody, or get hooked on crack, and it will be 2002 all over again.

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